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Synergia Group provides a business platform for companies to incubate emerging technologies and bring proprietary knowledge to provide end -to-end solutions from strategy to implementation across business verticals including pharmaceuticals, cyber security, aerospace, energy, critical infrastructure , telecommunication .


Synergia provides value to clients by accessing real time information, assess opportunity, mitigate threats...


Synergia offers a platform to incubate emerging technologies that can be used in multiple industry verticals and ensure that...

Applied Research

Synergia analyzes macroeconomic development challenges and issues that impact business and polity. The Foundation has multi-disciplinary ...

Business Verticals

Business Advisory

Governments & Enterprises need to understand the impact that geo-economics and geo-security has on their businesses.

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Bio Sciences

We are a unique Indian biopharmaceutical incubator with more than three decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing for both the domestic and US markets.

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Cyber Security

The complex world of information and technology is continuously being transformed by mobile, social media, cloud services and big data.

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Strategic Technologies

In the spring of 1987, the father of China's strategic missile program, Qian Xuesen, told colleagues that China must steel itself for a century of sustained "intellectual warfare".

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By 2040, global energy demand is expected to grow by 30% compared to current levels. The world will have to cope with energy requirements for more than nine billion people.

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